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American tank
In the Quai de l'Ourthe car-park stands an AmericanSherman M4A1 tank with poundercannon of 76mm. It stands as a symbol of the second liberation of the town in January 1945 by the american army, 1st and 2nd division.

British tank
ACHILLES Anti-tank SP 17. Tank destroyer M10 fitted with a 17 lb British gun, used by the British Army from 1944. This tank pays tribute to the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry who supported the 51st Highland Division (Black Watch) during the counter-offensive of the Battle of the Ardennes. It stands as a symbol of the liberation of the town by the British on 11th January 1945.
The Battle of the Ardennes Museum and the town of La Roche have worked together to restore it, and stands now in the car-park opposite the Hôtel du Chalet. It was dedicated on the 55th anniversary of the town's liberation, on 11th January 2000.