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For further information, please contact
La Roch’Ailes
Pascal Lhoas
Aviation liability insurance is mandatory on all La Roche and Marcourt sites!
Weather: +32 495 86 37 37

Les Crestelles site in Bérismenil-Maboge
Direction: south-west / Elevation gain: 180m.
Hang gliding and paragliding.
Note: very turbulent in winds over 20km/h or westerly winds.

Corimont site
Direction: north-west / vertical drop: 150m.
Practice: paragliding.
Notes: reserved for FBVL pilots or members of a recognized foreign federation.
Vehicle access to the take-off area is prohibited.
A minimum of wind is required: cliff-type take-off.

Farneur website
Direction: S to W / Vertical rise: 100m.
Practice: paragliding.
Take-off access: on foot through the spruce forest, on the “Ciel Bleu” bend (route du Pont du Tram in Cielle).
Landing access: on foot via the path above the wastewater treatment plant (access forbidden to vehicles!).
Note: see Corimont site.

Marcourt site
Direction: E / Vertical rise: 130m.
Warning: distant landing, difficult to reach in S-E winds. Do not use the meadows below to the left of the take-off: many electrical wires!

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