Chapel clinging to the slope and preceded by a ramp cutting into the rock, an interesting construction in the traditional style built in 1600 by the provost of La Roche, Georges de Waha-Baillonville on the site of a hermitage and consecrated in 1607. A listed sanctuary once bordered by a hermitage, the earliest known mention of which dates back to 1638. This listed monument is entirely linked to local history and has given rise to many tales and legends: in March 1652, a sentence was handed down by the Bishop of Liège. He ordered that the former hermit Robert Andry (accomplice in a robbery) be banished from the county for 2 years. A hermitage was then built next to the chapel. It served as a retreat for several hermits. Today, it has completely disappeared.

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Sainte-Marguerite Street, 2/4

6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne


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