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A pretty village just a stone’s throw from the Ourthe, famous for the legend of its “cailloux” (rocks).

These are in fact exceptionally beautiful white quartz blocks scattered across the Mousny countryside, similar to menhirs, to which a famous legend is attached.

A shepherd grazing his sheep on the high, heather-covered plain that separates the village of Ortho from the Ourthe valley refused to give a cup of water to a pilgrim dying of thirst, who implored him in the name of Saint-Thibault, much venerated in the country. When the pilgrim went to sit down twenty paces away, he threatened him with his stick, then, as he moved away too slowly for his liking, he picked up a stone and threw it at him; the stone, thrown back by a divine hand, fell back on the shepherd, who was instantly petrified along with his flock; these are the Mousny pebbles, and the weary pilgrim was Jesus Christ himself.

These pebbles can be seen on the walk no. 1 of Ortho’s tourist office.

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