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This monument, dedicated to the dead, deportees and servicemen of the Great War, dates from the early 1920s. It was built following a public subscription. Originally, it was surrounded by a fence that was larger than the current one. What’s more, the cartridges were surrounded by shiny metal. At the top is a Victory armed with a sword pointing towards the ground. This Victory bears a laurel leaf pointing skywards. This type of monument is highly representative of the monuments dedicated to the heroes of the First World War, whose names appear in the central section. As was often the case, this monument was “completed” after 1945. These are the two side sections in which the martyrology of the Rochois is reproduced. Tribute is also paid to the civilian victims of the Ardennes offensive and to Michel Prioux, a French citizen who volunteered for the American army and was killed during the liberation of La Roche. This last plaque was affixed in 1984.

The war memorial of La Roche-en-Ardenne was not damaged during the Battle of the Bulge. Today, it is a must for all patriotic ceremonies held in the city. It was restored in August 2004.

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6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne



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